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24-Bit-Wide Asynchronous SRAM Offers 8-ns Access Times

The IS61LV12824 is said to be the industry’s only 128k x 24 asynchronous SRAM to offer 8-ns access times. The device is fabricated with the firm’s 0.25-µm process technology and features low power consumption in both active and standby modes.The memory supports 100-MHz DSP applications and is said to be a suitable replacement for three 128k x 8 devices. The one-chip implementation lowers overall power consumption, reduces testing time, saves board space, and increases system reliability. The 3.3V memories are offered with access times of 8, 9, 10 and 12 ns. They consume 756 mW maximum in active mode and 36 mW maximum in standby mode. Operation is fully static and no clock or refresh is required. Outputs are three-state and they provide TTL-compatible interface levels. The chips come in 119-pin PBGAs and 100-pin TQFPs. Industrial temperature range devices are available. Prices in lots of 10,000 are $15 for a PBGA package and $13 for a TQFP. Also offered are 8-ns, 32k x 8 parts, as well as 9-ns, 64k x 24 devices.

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