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2.5-Gbit/s Data Connectors Handle Future 5-Gbit/s Designs

Members of the High Speed Serial Data Connector 2 (HSSDC2) family operate at 2.5 Gbits/s and are scalable to 5.0 Gbits/s for next-generation designs. They're designed for Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, and Gigabit Ethernet systems. They include a board-mount receptacle, an adapter receptacle, the Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SPF) module, and cable assemblies. The right-angle receptacle fits 1.57- and 2.36-mm pc boards. It offers a positive locking interface and 94 V-0 high-temperature plastic for reflow flexibility. The SMT lead design allows 0.16-mm tail-to-tail coplanarity, facilitating standard soldering techniques. To minimize EMI/RFI, six chassis ground locations, six pc-board ground-retention contacts, and four plug-to-receptacle grounding points are included. The HSSDC2 connector meets both 100- and 150-Ω system requirements. Pricing depends on products and quantity ordered. For example, an HSSDC2 connector costs $6.45 each per 100 units. The system's 1-m HSSDC2 2.5-Gbit/s cable assembly costs $25 each in 100-unit lots.

Molex Inc.
www.molex.com; (800) 78-MOLEX

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