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3-MHz DC-DC Converter Improves Efficiency, Density In Portable Devices

The ADP2108 dc-dc converter from Analog Devices is designed to provide better energy efficiencies in battery-powered portable devices. Balancing low operating input voltage capability, low quiescent current, and small size, the 3-MHz, 600-mA device offers designers more flexibility in meeting strict power and printed-circuit board (PCB) area budgets without increasing battery capacity, according to the company.

This converter operates from a 2.3-V input voltage for excellent conversion efficiency, transient response, and protection, Analog Devices says. This low operating voltage enables designers to fully use the available battery energy for 2.5- and 3-V power loads before recharging, which can eliminate the requirement of a more expensive buck-boost regulator in some applications.

During light load conditions, the ADP2108 switches to a low-quiescent power-save mode for additional battery life savings. It also only requires three 0603-size components. Combined with its greater than 93% conversion efficiency, this permits designers to support a higher load in a smaller area. Additionally, the ADIsimPower voltage regulator design tool and other downloadable power-management tools facilitate the design of high-efficiency dc-dc conversion blocks with reduced risk, the company says.

The ADP2108 is available in two package options. The 1- by 1.5- by 0.6-mm wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) provides an ultra-low profile size for portable devices with stringent board space limitations, particularly on the z-axis. The 3- by 3- by 1-mm TSOT-23 (thin small-outline transistor) package offers easy assembly for printed-circuit board (PCB) designs, Analog Devices says. Samples are available now in the five-ball WLCSP and five-lead TSOT-23 packages. Pricing is $0.80 each in 1000-unit quantities.

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