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Electronic Design

300-MHz Programmable Oscillators Boast Lower Jitter

The JITO-2 (just-in-time) line of 300-MHz programmable oscillators features lower jitter than that achieved using on-board frequency multiplication. The higher reference frequency eliminates the need to multiply the frequency to achieve the required rate. The JITO-2 oscillators are available in a 5- by 7.5-mm ceramic package as well as in all-metal 8- and 14-pin DIP and plastic surface-mount packages. Frequency stabilities are ±100, ±50, or ±25 ppm from −40°C to 85°C and ±20 ppm from −20°C to 70°C. Pricing for a 3.3- or 5-V JITO-2 oscillator in a 5- by 7.5-mm package starts at $9 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Fox Electronics; (888) GET-2-FOX

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