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30W SMT Power Supply Won’t Stress Insertion Equipment

The first 30W dc-to-dc converter that’s reportedly lightweight enough to be handled by pick-and-place equipment is the SM30 converter. The device uses a 64-pin lead frame and regulates heat dissipation through special pc board material with 10X the thermal transfer capability of FR-4. As a result, the firm has been able to eliminate thermal encapsulation and the two-step potting process, which served, until now, to block manufacture of converters of 10W or more small enough to be placed by automatic assembly equipment. By adding the 30W SM30 to its stable, the firm now offers 36 SMT dc-to-dc converters with single and dual output configurations ranging from 10W to 30W. Other features of the SM30 include a 10-ms startup for hot-plug conditions, remote on/off for complex system timing requirements, and 24V or 48V nominal inputs for wireless/cellular and central office telecomm applications.

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