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32-Bit µCs Seek Major Role In Embedded Control Mart

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The M•CORE architecture has once again been tapped to launch a major new series of microcontrollers, with the latest device family positioned to pursue distribution channel OEMs involved in the design of high-performance, cost- and power-sensitive embedded automation and industrial control products, such as exercise equipment, vending machines, bar code scanners, fixed-function thermal printers, building management and HVAC systems, and lighting controls. The first family member to enter the market is the MMC2107, a controller powered by a M•CORE 32-bit microRISC CPU that provides fast interrupt handling, low-power dissipation, and high code density. Also on-chip is in-circuit and in-application programmable flash memory, allowing products to be programmed late in the production cycle, or reprogrammed remotely in the field.
Among the digital and analog peripherals integrated on the new µC are a 16-bit timer, communication interfaces, and a queued A/D converter. It also has 8 Kbytes of SRAM. The MMC2107 microcontroller is available in 144-pin LQFPs (part number MMC2107CFCPV33) and 100-pin LQFPs (MMC2107CFCPU33) costing $15 each/25,000. Software development tools and RTOSs, as well as evaluation boards are also available.

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