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32-Bit Floating-Point DSP Seeks Assignments In Satellite Communications

Targeting satellite on-board data processing applications and manufactured using a 0.6-micron radiation-tolerant CMOS process, TSC21020E 32-bit floating-point DSP has a 100-krad total dose radiation tolerance, a 50 MeV/mg/cm2 single event upset (SEU) threshold, and a latch-up threshold greater than 100 MeV/mg/cm2.The space DSP is pin- and code-compatible with Analog Devices' commercial ADSP-21020 device, enabling the new DSP to benefit from existing development tools and algorithms and thereby making system development and prototyping straightforward. The 40-MFLOPS TSC21020E is available in a 20-MHz speed version housed in either a 223-pin ceramic PGA for fast prototyping or 256-pin multi-layer QFP for flight models.


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