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32-Bit Members Join High-Speed Bus Buffering Logic Family

The VCX family of high speed bus buffering logic now embraces 32-bit variants of buffers, latches and flip-flops previously available in 16-bit versions. The new devices are designed to deliver high drive current and low power dissipation for both low voltage and mixed voltage systems operating from 1.8V to 3.6V. Implemented in 0.35-µm CMOS with 5-layer metal interconnects, VCX logic can achieve a maximum tPD of 3.2 ns at 2.3V, with all I/O pins capable of withstanding 3.6V, irrespective of supply voltage, resulting in lower operating voltage and, therefore, lower power dissipation.Built-in termination resistors are optional for VCX logic, saving board real estate by eliminating the need for external matching resistors. The logic also offers bus hold circuitry to help solve floating input problems by ensuring that the last known state of the input is maintained. Other features of VCX logic include: pin and function compatibility to 74 series 16xxx and 32xxx parts; power-down protection for all I/O pins; and a minimum symmetrical drive capability of ±244 mA at 3.0V and ±18 mA at 2.3V, support for hot-swap insertion and withdrawal; and built-in ESD protection to more than 2,000V. The devices also offer latch-up protection greater than 300 mA, which is said to ensure maximum reliability in system use. Each logic function is available in four versions: basic; with termination; with bus hold; and with both termination and bus hold. The 32-bit devices are available in LFBGA96 packages and are priced in the range of $2 each/2,500, while the 16-bit logic come housed in TSSOP48 packages and cost in the range of $1 each. For more details, contact Paolo Battezzato at STMICROELECTRONICS INC., Lexington, MA. (781) 402-8556.


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