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32-Bit Processors Target Industrial Apps

Designed to reduce memory requirements, power dissipation, board size, and costs in a variety of industrial applications, the MCF547x, MCF548x, MCF523x, and MCF527x 32-bit ColdFire families provide users with more than 20 processors to choose from. The MCF547x and MCF548x are the first to employ the V4e ColdFire core and are capable of delivering up to 410 MIPS at 266 MHz. The MCF548x meets industrial temperature requirements and is said to be the only dual-CAN, dual-Ethernet processor currently available. Based on the V2 ColdFire core, the MCF523x family features an enhanced time processing unit and a real-time control co-processor. The V2 core includes an enhanced multiply-accumulate unit delivering up to 144 MIPS (Dhrystone 2.1) at 150 MHz. For cost-critical designs, the MCF527x family is offered as an upgrade for MCF5272 users with a second 10/100 Ethernet MAC and hardware encryption. Depending on the family and device, prices range from $7 to $27 each/10,0000. FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Austin, TX. (512) 895-2000.


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