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3.3-V UHF TV Modulators Ride On CMOS Technology

With its first 3.3-V UHF television RF modulators based on CMOS technology, Freescale Semiconductors is targeting the demand for low-power digital home entertainment systems. The MC44CM373 (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) and the MC44CM374 (PAL/NTSC) meet current system applications requirements with low component counts and minimal board space. Limited VHF functionality is available through the use of selectable internal dividers. The modulators combine sound sub-carrier and UHF voltage-controlled oscillators in a single-chip solution. They do not require tuned components and have few critical RF paths, simplifying layout and integration onto the system board.

The parts operate between 460 MHz and 880 MHz and require no external active components or precision parts. They are very versatile and easily controlled by the high-speed I2C-compatible bus. They also offer several modes to simplify production testing. The use of CMOS technology offers exceptional RF performance while reducing power consumption and device cost. Both units come in space-saving plastic SOIC 16-pin packages. The company is also planning to introduce an evaluation kit consisting of a board populated with the MC44CM373 version, along with test software and a user manual.


Freescale expects initial sampling for the modulators in May and production release in July.


Suggested OEM price for the MC44CM373 is expected to be $1.08 in quantities of 5000 or greater. The MC44CM374 is expected to sell for $1.00 in similar quantities.


Visit www.freescale.com.

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