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3.3V Converters Can Deliver Up To 30A Without Heatsink

By combining proprietary drive and control circuits with planar magnetics and low resistivity multilayer pc board technology, the PKJ family of 3.3V dc-to-dc converters can deliver up to 30A at 90% efficiency, with some models reportedly attaining efficiencies as high as 92%. The converters' patent-pending topology uses active rectification in an industry-standard, 58 x 61 x 12.7 mm package to deliver rated current of 15A, 20A and 30A without a heatsink. PKJ converters deliver full power up to case temperatures of 100°C, with their integral baseplate spreading heat to eliminate hotspots andincrease MTBF to >3 million hours. They also have built-in input and output filters, as well as numerous control and protection features.Without a heatsink, Model PKJ4910 requires only 1.5 m/s of airflow to deliver 30A at a 60°C ambient temperature, while PKJ4510 delivers 15A with free convection cooling. The isolated dc-to-dc converters have a 36V to 72V input range, with their remote sensed output factory set to 3.30V ±50 mV and adjustable from 2.5V to 3.6V.

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