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386EX PC Supports Remote UDP/IP Embedded Control Systems

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The newest member of the Netsock family of embedded PCs packs everything needed for implementing remote UDP/IP embedded control systems. Called the Netsock/310, the single-board computer (SBC) comes complete with a 386EX controller, 48 lines of digital I/O, and a 10BASE-T Ethernet port. As an option, eight 12-bit analog inputs and four 12-bit analog outputs can be added to the SBC's PC/104 connector.
The UDP/IP implementation, which is pre-loaded into flash memory on the controller, gives developers the ability to use higher level Winsock calls to send data between a Netsock/310 controller and any other network address. This could be another Netsock/310 or a supervisory computer, such as a Windows 95, 98, or NT computer. Pre-loaded software includes the BIOS Boss system for downloading programs to and configuring the Netsock/310 controller. Menu-driven setup of the controller is done with a Flash Setup utility. Pricing of the basic unit is $495 each.

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