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3U CompactPCI CPU Board Supports Socket 7 Processors

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Intended for highly integrated computing platforms in harsh industrial environments, the PEP CP312 is a complete PC on a single 3U-format CompactPCI card. It can be used as a standalone single-board computer, or as the CPU in a CompactPCI system. The board accommodates all current Socket 7 microprocessors, including low-power versions and those with clock rates of 300 MHz and higher.On-board features include built-in numeric coprocessor support and a SiS 5598 Pentium System controller. The latter provides all of the latest system controls, including a level-2 write-back cache controller, burst DRAM controller, PCI and ISA interface, and more.Various memory options are available, including 32 or 64 Mbytes of on-board RAM that can be expanded to 64 Mbytes of EDO or SDRAM on a SO-DIMM module. The board also carries a 64-kbyte internal CPU cache and a 512-kbyte burst-SRAM pipelined Level 2 cache. There's SVGA video support and a 64-bit GUI accelerator as well.

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