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3U CompactPCI Family Suits Rugged Apps

The F50x family of rugged CompactPCI single-board computers and conduction-cooled racks is designed for for –40°C to 85°C environments. The convection-cooled F50P and conduction-cooled F50C run a 1.5-GHz MPC8548/3 processor with 2 Mbytes of SDRAM, 2 Mbytes of nonvolatile SRAM, 128 kbytes of FRAM, and up to a 16-Gbyte flash memory drive. There are up to three Gigabit Ethernet ports, at least four USB 2.0 ports, and two SATA ports. An FPGA controls standard I/O. The IP-65 conduction-cooled rack has a processor slot with side card, a peripheral slot, and a PSU slot. The F50C costs $1637, the F50P costs $2322, and the IP-65 costs $5473.

MEN Micro


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