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3U cPCI Board Comes With IDE Hard, Floppy Drives

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The C3550 cPCI single-board computer supports the Intel Pentium and the AMD K5/K6 processors compatible with Socket 7 applications. The board also provides 512 KB of pipelined burst SRAM cache. The SIS Pentium PCI chipset offers a high level of integration including VGA/Video. On-chip graphics support includes GUI accelerator, video accelerator and 24-bit true color RAMDAC. Shared system memory can be set in 0.5-MB increments from 0.5 MB to 4 MB. A variety of graphic outputs are supported up to 1280 x 1024 pixels with 256 colors and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The board also has a 144-pin DIMM socket that can support up to 128 MB of EDO SDRAM. A socket for M-Systems' DiskOnChip supports up to 140-MB of on-board solid-state disk. An Award BIOS is provided on a 1-Mb flash ROM and uses the VGA BIOS. On-board I/O includes IDE, parallel I/O, and Ultra DMA/33 support. Other I/O includes PS/2 keyboard and mouse, two USB ports and a buzzer. Price is $1,533.

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