Electronic Design

3U cPCI SBC Offers Configurable Multi-Function I/O

NorthAtlantic-ANorth Atlantic Industries’ 75SBC4 3U cPCI COTS single board computer offers dual high speed/performance function module slots for configurable multi-function I/O interface expansion. Powered by Freescale’s 1.2 GHz QorIQ P2041 Power Architecture processor, this SBC finds use in sensor and communication data acquisition, distribution, processing and management for land, sea and air military platforms. Two I/O function slots enable integrators to mix-and-match a variety of I/O, communications functions and/or SATA II NAND Flash memory. The COTS design provides Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Motion Control and Sensor Interfaces, and Communications Interfaces. Typical applications of the SBC include high-performance, low-power, space constrained systems requiring available proven COTS I/O, communications and memory configurations, without the need for custom circuit card assemblies. Pricing for standard configuration of the 75SBC4 starts at $4,986 each/100.

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