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3U VME Processor Board Delivers 450 Million Instructions/s

Number-crunching applications in space-limited industrial environments are the intended targets for the 3U VMP2 VME processor board, which takes advantage of Motorola's MPC8245 Kahlua II processor. Operating at 330 MHz, this highly integrated PowerPC microprocessor is based on a PowerPC MPC603e core. The VMP2 board delivers 450 million-instruction/s performance while drawing only an average of 5.8 W. The board incorporates direct-soldered 64-bit, 133-MHz SDRAM (up to 256 Mbytes) featuring a selectable in-line error-correction-code controller for single-bit error correct and double-bit error detect. A dual-channel programmable direct-memory-access controller provides a range of mass data-transmission options, including PCI-to-memory, memory-to-PCI, memory-to-memory, and PCI-to-PCI. A PCI expansion interface accommodates up to two stackable expansion modules, providing one/two PMC slots in an 8HP/12HP format. The board features a 10/100-Mbit/s Fast Ethernet controller, a full modem RS-232 serial port, and a configurable RS-232/485 port with optional opto-isolation. An operating-system-independent Universal Boot Loader enables fast, automated loading of any operating system from flash memory. Support is provided for VxWorks and OS-9 operating systems. Pricing for the VMP2 board starts at $2112 each with delivery in six to eight weeks.

www.kontron.com; (858) 677-0877

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