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3U/6U Eight-Slot Chassis Ups CompactPCI/PXI Performance

Instrument mainframe 8000C features a CompactPCI/PXI backplane with eight usable slots that accept both 3U and 6U cards. It can be purchased with either the MXI-3 kit, which lets users work with their existing PCs as the controller, or with a controller kit single-board computer that provides local intelligence. The backplane is fully qualified for a typical maximum data throughput of 80 Mbytes/s. The mainframe also features a 550-W power supply, a 217-ft3/minute (CFM) forced-air cooling system, 19-in. rack-mount capability, and temperature monitoring. Compatible with Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP, it costs $2495. Delivery is within six weeks.

Gage-Applied Inc., A Tektronix Company;
(800) 567-4243

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