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450-MHz SBCs Powered By Pentium II & 440BX AGP Chips

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These Pentium II-based single-board computers (SBCs) boast of operational speeds of as high as 450 MHz with 100-MHz system bus speed and SDRAM. Numbered among single-Pentium II SBCP2BX and dual-Pentium II SBCDP2BX SBCs other features are an AGP Super VGA video interface supported by 2 MB of on-board Rambus memory, PCI Ultra Wide SCSI interface with a speed of 40 MB/s, PCI 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface compliant with IEEE 802.3 specifications, and a PCI EIDE Ultra DMA/33 interface having a 33-MB/s speed. The SBCs also support the Universal Serial Bus (USB), a floppy drive, a PS/2 mouse, a keyboard, and enhanced bi-directional parallel interfaces. In addition, the boards also provide hardware monitoring of system voltages and temperature, as well as processor fan speed. The SBCs can be ordered as standalone units or fully integrated into an enclosure.

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