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5-V Inputs Accepted By Fully Rated Nonisolated Converters

The LSN D5 series nonisolated dc-dc converters accept 5-V inputs (4.5- to 5.5-V range) and deliver 1.0-, 1.2-, 1.5-, 1.8-, 2.0, 2.5-, 3.3-V outputs fully rated at 10 A. The unit's single-inline package (SIP) measures 2.0 by 0.5 by 0.34 in. and can be configured in either vertical or horizontal orientations. In most applications, these plug-and-play power converters require no external I/O filtering to achieve specified noise levels or FCC-compliant radiated/conducted emissions. They're designed with on-board I/O capacitors fully rated to handle the required input ripple current. The capacitors also can reduce output noise to specified levels. The units offer tight ±1% accuracy and high efficiency from 89% to 96%. Also, the converters feature low output noise of 10 mV p-p. The LSN D5 series converters start at $9.95 each in OEM lots.

Datel Inc.
www.datel.com; (508) 339-3000

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