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5-W White LED Outshines Other Lamps

LumiLeds Lighting has expanded its Luxeon series with a 5-W white LED that generates 120 lumens (lm). It occupies the same footprint as LumiLeds' 1-W Luxeon, which generates about 30 lm of white light.

Essentially, the 5-W model combines the equivalent of four 1-W Luxeon chips in the same size package. The four chips are configured in a 2-by-2 matrix so there are two pairs of series-connected LEDs in parallel. As a result, the 5-W LED draws twice the operating current (750 mA) and exhibits twice the VF (7 V) of the 1-W LED.

The LED is available in a single-emitter configuration premounted on an aluminum-core pc board. Applications include accent, task, emergency, and landscape lighting. The LED's color rendering index (CRI) is around 70, but development of an improved phosphor should raise that value in another year.

In the meantime, users can combine red, green, and blue versions of the Luxeon to achieve a CRI greater than 90. In addition to these colors, the LED will be available in cyan and royal blue. Outputs range from 30 lm for blue to 130 lm for green and cyan. The 5-W Luxeon costs $0.10 per lumen or roughly $10 per LED in OEM quantities.

LumiLeds Lighting, www.lumileds.com; (877) 298-9455.

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