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500-MHz Celeron Computer Board Targets Graphics Applications

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Built for high-speed, space-limited uses, the PCM-9570 single-board computer uses a low-profile, Socket 370 connector and a 500-MHz Celeron processor. The half-size board is designed for image processing and other graphics-intensive applications. It incorporates a 64-bit 3D graphics engine and a Trident VGA chip with up to 4 Mbytes of frame buffer and supplements them with a 2X Accelerated Graphics Port, an optional PanelLink for a flat-panel display, and sockets for up to 256 Mbytes of memory.Networking is supported with an on-board 10/100 PCI Ethernet controller and a remote boot ROM (for diskless systems). A socket for flash disk is also provided, as are interfaces and connectors for two floppy disks, hard disks and USB ports, as well as four serial ports and parallel, infrared and PC/104 links. The 500 MHz PCM-9570 single-board computer can be provided with Windows CE pre-loaded.

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