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5A DC Brushless Motor Driver Fits Inside Motor Housing

The OMC507 is a 5A, three-phase, brushless dc motor controller/driver circuit card that includes a PWM controller, three-phase output power stage, on-board current sense resistor, and a 10-µF motor bus capacitor. The two-quadrant controller provides control of motor current or torque.At just 2.5" in diameter, the OMC507 board can fit inside the motor housing, giving motor OEMs the capability of providing a two-wire dc brushless motor in place of a dc motor. The card is assembled using surface-mount and through-hole technology on both sides of the pc board. It offers 5A average phase current (10A peak for 10 seconds) and is capable of handling a maximum bus voltage of 30V with no requirement for heatsinking. Higher current versions are available.


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