Electronic Design
5W SMD Resistor Handles 2.5-kW Pulse

5W SMD Resistor Handles 2.5-kW Pulse

In a compact SMT package, the HPC series 5W resistor incorporates four parallel thick-film chip resistor elements to enable higher power handling and an anodized heatsink for high-heat dissipation. The parallel resistance elements allow the component to withstand pulse up to 2.5-kW for durations of 100 ms or less. The HPC Series dissipates most of its heat through the aluminum heat sink and its design suspends the thick film resistance elements above the board, further minimizing thermal effects. The heatsink allows for up to 12.5W of continuous power if there is air movement. Depending on resistance value and tolerance, pricing for the HPC Series varies from $1.20 to $1.70 each in full reel quantities. STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS INC., Raleigh, NC. (888) 734-7347.
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