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5x86-Class SBC Boosts Power, Not Size

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In the PCM-586-133, embedded system builders have a small, AT-compatible, PC/104-compliant single-board computer that suits applications in instrumentation and portable and/or mobile systems. The board's SpecInt92, Dhrystone 2.1 and LAPD benchmarks all document performance that's more than an order of magnitude better than a comparable 386SX-33. Moreover, the board is identical in form, fit and function to the company's PCM-386SX-33- but costs only $100 more.Based on AMD's 80586 chip running at a system clock of 133 MHz, the unit can run a vast array of software tools, utilities and operating systems. The CPU also includes a 16-kbyte cache and floating-point processor. There's even space on the board for up to 72 Mbytes of M-Systems' DiskOnChip2000 flash.

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