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60W Dual Output Converters Boast Of High Efficiency

Housed in a compact, 1.2'' x 2.3'' x 0.4'' package, these 60W dual output dc/dc converters have efficiencies of up to 90%. They are also said to have a high power density as a result of using improved synchronous rectification techniques and planar magnetics. The series accepts 24 or 48 VIN and spans an output range of from 5V to sub-volt levels with 12 standard models. The main output of these dual output converters can deliver the full power of 60W while VO2 is current limited to 10A of IO2. Use of multilayer pc boards and thermal management in constructing the power supplies help minimize power dissipation, letting the converters operate without an external heatsink—through-hole pins act as an integrated heatsink for the converters. Transient response time is 50 µs. BETA DYNE INC., Bridgewater, MA. (508) 697-1993.


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