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6U CompactPCI SBC Leverages High-End Processor

The 6U CompactPCI Civet-C single-board computer (SBC) is based on IBM's 440GP PowerPC processor. Operating at 466 MHz, the 440GP is a superscalar processor with large caches, a 128-bit CoreConnect bus, and high-performance peripherals. The hot-swappable Civet-C board, featuring two PMC slots, offers a robust solution for high-performance embedded applications. Occupying a single CompactPCI slot, the board auto-senses whether to operate as a system or a nonsystem slot board. It includes 256 Mbytes of soldered DRAM and 16 Mbytes of user flash memory. Pricing for the Civet-C SBC starts below $1500 in OEM lots.

Momentum Computer Inc.
(760) 431-8663

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