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6U cPCI Board Hosts Dual FPGAs

Announced as the second member of the T2 family of TigerSHARC DSP boards, the T2-6U-cPCI 6U CompactPCI board exploits eight ADSP-TS201 processors and two Virtex-II Pro FPGAs. The board also accommodates two PMC sites, a 64-bit, 66-MHz CompactPCI interface, large on-board memory, and 9.6 GB/s I/O interfaces. In two clusters of four, the processors provide a total of 28.8 GFLOPS of floating-point processing power, while their SuperScalar architecture allows the board to achieve 115 BOPS of 16-bit fixed-point performance. Other features include 24 Mb of on-chip RAM per processor, four LVDS link ports running at speeds up to 1 GB/s each, and a plethora of I/O. BITTWARE INC., Concord, NH. (603) 226-0404.


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