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7-Segment Numeric Display Makes SMT Connections

Touted as being the world's first surface-mountable device of its kind, this 7-segment numeric LED display is designed for use on SMT pc boards employed in equipment and instruments requiring numeric readouts, such as timers, controllers and counters. Based on a low-profile, insert-molded, flat lead frame package that stands just 3.3 mm high off the board's surface, the display has an overall dimension of 19 mm high x 12.7 mm wide. It generates numeric characters that are 14.2 mm high, with each of the seven segments individually addressable to create all of the digits (0 through 9), plus several additional characters. A trailing decimal point is also included.
The LED displays are available in GaP green (565 nm) and high-intensity red (635 nm) colors, with blue and yellow optional. Light output levels are as high as 3,200 mcd with a forward current of 10 mA. And the units can be ordered in common cathode or anode configurations. Typical pricing is about $0.816 each/1,000.

Company: LUMEX INC. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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