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70V Hot-Swap Power Controller Integrates High-Voltage MOSFETs

The MIC2596 and MIC2597 are dual channel negative voltage hot swap controllers designed for PC board insertion and removal from live backplanes. Each channel of both devices has an integrated high voltage power MOSFET and built-in current sensing that regulates the channelÕs output current to a user-settable maximum. Current sensing provides programmable over-current and open-load detection and will turn a channel off if it experiences overload or no-load conditions lasting longer than programmable intervals. Foldback current limiting holds power dissipation of the internal MOSFETs at safe levels during overloads. The MIC2596 will automatically attempt to restart into an over-current fault until the fault is cleared, while the MIC2597 will latch the output in the off state until it is reset by external action. A logic-compatible signal is provided on each channel to indicate over-current or under-current fault conditions. Available in 20-pin TSSOPs, both devices are priced at $4 each/1,000


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