Electronic Design

75-W DC-DC Converters Mix High Efficiency,Small Size

A new series of 75-W single-output dc-dc converters features industry-standard pinout in a package smaller than a 1/4 brick. Measuring just 1.0 by 2.3 by 0.4 in., the units achieve high efficiency up to 93%. Thanks to patented designs for improved synchronous rectification techniques and planar magnet-ics, the converters achieve a power density of 98 W/in.3 The units' high efficiency, coupled with a multilayer pc board and thermal management, minimize power dissipation and enable the converters to operate without an external heatsink. Their through-hole pins allow for low-cost installation and act as an integrated heatsink. Both units feature a 100-µs transient response time, a 500-µA off-state current, and a 2:1 voltage range. Additional features include output synchronous rectification, input-to-output isolation, soft start, short-circuit protection, thermal protection, undervoltage protection, and external synchronization. The 16 models in the series offer various input and output voltages to meet the demands of the instrumentation, industrial, medical, communications, computer, and fiber-optics fields. Pricing starts at $99 each with delivery in four to six weeks.

Beta Dyne Inc.
www.beta-dyne.com; (508) 697-1993

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