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8-Bit Flash MCUs Maximize Program Memory Options

Featuring 2V operation, on-board 10-bit A/D conversion, and 8k x 14 bits of enhanced flash memory, the PIC16F877 and PIC16F876 8-bit microcontrollers are designed to deliver high system performance and design flexibility. The MCUs represent the debut of the company's Migratable Memory technology, which provides socket and software compatibility among all of its equivalent ROM, OTP and flash memory microcontrollers. The company's logic transistors in ROM, OTP and flash at 0.7 µm all feature the exact same electrical specifications. As a result, users can match their choice of memory technology to the product life cycle of their application.In addition to flash memory, the two new MCUs offer 256 bytes of EEPROM data storage and an RS-485-type UART for multi-drop data acquisition uses. Other peripherals are included as well. Available in PDIP and PLCC packages.


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