Electronic Design

8-Bit MCU Controls Sensorless, Brushless Induction Motors

Motor-control applications are the targets eyed by the Z8 Encore! MCU family. Included is support for sensorless brushless dc (BLDC) and ac induction motors, as well as firmware, development tools, and turnkey solutions. The on-chip analog-to-digital converter's Time Stamp feature can be coupled with the three-phase pulse-widthmodulation (PWM) output module to deliver high-accuracy speed control. Analog peripherals permit current sampling and support for torque and speed control. The chip directly routes the current-sensing module to the PWM module, providing fast shutdown when detecting an overcurrent fault. The on-chip oscillator features 2% accuracy. The 32-pin QFN package occupies only 5 by 5 mm. Pricing starts at $2.50. A development kit costs $199. It includes a BLDC motor, an application board, ZDS II with full ANSI C compiler, motor-control software code, and an optoisolated USB smart cable for debugging and programming. An ICE version costs $1999. www.zilog.com

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