Electronic Design

8-Bit MCU Packs 9-Bit UART And Ethernet MAC

A 50-MHz processor and 256 kbytes of flash make Zilog's eZ80Acclaim! an ideal platform for networked devices. The F91 splits its 16 kbytes of SRAM between the CPU and 10/100 Ethernet adapter. Dual 9-bit UARTs are specifically designed to support the MDB vending machine serial protocol. The eZ80Acclaim! handles 24-bit addressing. Eight of the 32 GPIO pins can drive 10 ma. Other devices include I2C, SPI, four timers, and a real-time clock.

The TCP/IP software package includes the usual services like a Web server with the addition of SSL (secure socket layer) support not usually found on 8-bit platforms. The RZK multitasking operating system, an IrDA stack, and hardware interface also come as part of the package.

The F91 costs $16.05. The 20-MHz F92 and F93 run $9.29 and $8.64, respectively. They forego the Ethernet MAC, offering up 128 and 64 kbytes of flash, respectively. High-temperature-range (0°C to 105°C) versions are available. A development kit is priced at $799, but it costs $399 through June. The kit includes a C compiler, IDE, development board, JTAG adapter, and Ethernet hub.


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