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8-Bit Module Custom Carrier Board Takes Less Than A Week

The RabbitFlex is a custom carrier board for Rabbit Semiconductor's line of Rabbit 4000-based plug-in modules. The big difference is that it lets designers configure the carrier board over the Internet with delivery within five business days.

Designers configure the connection and interface between the module and the carrier's board sockets. For example, a serial connection could add a set of RS232 or RS485 drivers. Similar options are available for digital and analog connections.

Rabbit Semiconductor can quickly create these custom surface-mounted parts by letting designers select configurations from a fixed set of options. A running price total changes as options are selected and configured using the Web-based interface.

RabbitFlex boards are priced from $149 to $279, based on the interfaces selected. A $199 development kit is available.

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Rabbit Semiconductor

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