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8-Bit µP Connects Easily To Ethernet And Internet

The Rabbit 2000 TCP/IP Development Kit contains all the hardware and software needed to quickly and easily design a microprocessor-based application that networks via Ethernet and uses Internet protocols. The kit contains a TCP/IP development board with the Rabbit 2000 8-bit microprocessor, a complete Dynamic C software development system, a power supply, and a PC serial cable for real-time debugging. The development board included in the kit allows for immediate evaluation and development of TCP/IP applications using the Rabbit 2000 microprocessor. Other key benefits of the kit include it being Ethernet ready, with port to an Ethernet chipset done for the Rabbit 2000 chip. Full TCP/IP source code is provided in addition to the Dynamic C software on CD-ROM. An optional TCP/IP Toolkit is available for $99 to help in application development. The Rabbit 2000 TCP/IP Development Kit is priced at $199.


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