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8-Pin, 8-Bit MCU Targets Tiny Tasks

Freescale's 16-MHz MC9S08QD2 and MC9S08QD4 forego communication interfaces in lieu of a four-channel, 10-bit analogto-digital converter. The chips have a 16-bit timer and an additional dual-channel, 16-bit timer that can handle synchronized pulse-width modulation output. They also have a wide 2.7- to 5.5-V operating range. The onchip clock is accurate to 2% up to 105°. Each chip uses a single-pin background debug mode (BDM) debug interface. A demo board with an on-board USB debug interface and a copy of CodeWarrior Special Edition costs $59. The processor is a replaceable eight-pin dual-inline package (DIP). Pricing for the MC9S08QDSx starts at $0.60. It's available in a DIP or a small-outline IC package.

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