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8051 Compatible Board Has Prototyping Area

product pic

Using the 89S8252 µC that is 8051 compatible and runs at up to 24 MHz, MICRO LAB-51 has a full-featured BASIC interpreter that supports floating point math and most BASIC commands. The µC contains 8 KB of flash for program storage that can be programmed serially so no programmer is required to set operation instructions or for upgrades. There are two 28-pin memory sockets: one that supports 32 KB of RAM and one that supports 28 KB of EEPROM, EPROM or battery-backed RAM. Other features are RS-232 serial port buffering (RS-485 optional), processor supervisory circuit with manual reset switch, and an ample prototyping area. Data, address, and control lines are conveniently brought out on connectors next to the prototype area.

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