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8/16-Bit MCU Supports Serial Communication Standards

The latest version of the C251 architecture core is implemented on the TSC80251G1D, an 8/16-bit microcontroller that provides on-chip support for serial communication standards. Running at up to 24 MHz, the MCU offers active power consumption as low as 24 mW (3.3V version). The chip packs 16 kbytes of ROM,1 kbyte of RAM, and several on-chip serial communication capabilities: UART, SPI, and multi-master I2C. Also included are three 16-bit timers, a keyboard interface, and a complete programmable counter array with PWM, input capture, output compare and timer/counters. There's also an enhanced power management unit with power-on reset, brown-out and prescaler functions. The device is suited for use in smart-card readers and cordless phones, as well as in many telecomm applications.

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