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94% Efficient Power Block Targets FPGAs And Processors

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of applications with multiple power rails where cost, efficiency, and flexibility are mandatory, the ROA1283003 30-A power block from Ericsson targets FPGAs and other processors. Its Centralized Control Architecture (CCA) is based on a centralized power-management controller that can drive single or multiple power-block switching modules.

The ROA1283003 can be inserted into applications as a power stage controlled by a single-phase or multiple-phase pulse-width modulator (PWM). It complements the company’s range of isolated and non-isolated products that address distributed power architectures. It also simplifies power management in modern information and communication technology (ICT) applications.

The block accepts input voltages of 7 to 13.2 V and provides an output of 0.8 to 3.3 V. With a typical efficiency of 94% at full load and 3.3 VOUT, it’s designed to optimize layout and minimize power losses. In high-efficiency power switching topologies, it helps reduce overall power consumption and lowers the heat generated by power terminations. Its 4.89-hour mean-time before failure (MTBF) will ensure system reliability as well.

Combined with an external controller, the ROA1283003 provides downstream protection of critical and expensive components in high-current applications, delivering the required current under any load conditions. It’s designed for paralleling operation, allowing scalability, to deliver higher currents on demand. It features a built-in temperature sensor device and a DCR sense pin as well.

The ROA1283003 matches its predecessors’ footprint and lead-free surface-mount assembling requirements, so it can easily upgrade existing boards. Offering a 11.4-mm max profile, it comes in an antistatic tape that complies with the EIA 481 standard and in dry-pack that complies with the IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033. It costs $10.05 in OEM quantities.

Ericsson Power Modules


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