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AC Current Sensors Come In Adjustable And Fixed Versions

A low-cost, self-powered go/no-go current sensor/PLC interface is available for direct connection to a PLC's digital input module or to a load rated up to 1A. The TCS Series current sensor/PLC interface can detect overcurrent events such as jams, plugging, or locked rotors or undercurrent events such as failure of a heater, motor, lamp, or switching device. It then can signal the PLC or switch a load device on or off. An on-board toroidal sensor monitors current flow through ac loads up to 50A steady, 300A inrush. Units come with an adjustable actuation point of 2A to 20A or a factory-fixed actuation point from 2A to 45A. A 5% dead band is included to prevent rapid switching when the sensed current fluctuates near the actuation point. The ac current sensors have dimensions of 2" x 2" x 1.6" and feature encapsulated one-piece construction, single-screw mounting, and 0.25" male quick connect terminals.

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