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AC Relay Suits Power Systems

Designed to meet the requirements of power distribution systems, the P111 solid-state ac relay meets MIL-R-28750C performance standards and is well-suited for use in aerospace and military applications.
The device features zero-voltage cross turn on and zero-current cross turn off and is rated for operation at 250 Vac/25A and frequencies up to 400 Hz. The relay also provides thermal shutdown that protects it against over-current conditions. And an advanced package design is claimed to provide low thermal impedance and low voltage drop. Designed for printed circuit board mounting, the relay measures 69.78 mm x 34.02 mm x 10.2 mm and has a maximum weight of 65g.
Other features include optical I/O isolation, a built-in snubber, over-temperature protection, low power dissipation, TTL and CMOS compatible, a high dv/dt rating, and it meets EMI susceptibility of RTCA/DO-160D. The case and the connector terminals are finished in nickel underlaying gold.

Company: POWERCOM LLC. - a Leach International company

Product URL: Click here for more information

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