Electronic Design

Accelerating XML 200-Fold

XML is the new lingua franca of the Internet, and it's finding homes in embedded applications as well. Text-based XML encoding isn't the most efficient because it requires analysis before processing.

Tarari's RAX Content Processor (RAX-CP) offloads host XML processing chores, boosting throughput by as much as a factor of 200. The RAX-CP can handle gigabit-level XPath processing, a common query using XML. XML namespaces and namespace prefixing can be done on-the-fly without pre-scanning and declaration of prefixes.

CG Mupac's 6942X series includes the RAX-CP board in a dual 2.8-GHz Xeon processor-controlled content server platform. The Linux-based system gives users fault-tolerant features in a 2U rackmount system for datacom/telecom applications. The board with the RAX-CP handles XML traffic.

The RAX-CP board is priced under $3000. The RAX-CP Development Kit from Tarari costs $7495. It includes two boards, accelerated XML and RAX agents, accelerated SSL encryption/decryption agents, and sample code. Contact Tarari about chip availability and pricing.


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