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Accelerometer Sports Coaxial Connector

Featuring an all welded, aluminum housing, the Model 352A24 miniature accelerometer sports a new threaded coaxial electrical connector. This design offers the convenience of a removable cable in a small, lightweight package, The accelerometer is suited for model analysis and vibration studies of objects such as pc boards, disk drive assemblies, thin-walled structures, scale models and automotive components.
Weighing only 0.8g, the low-profile device utilizes a high output, shear mode, piezo-ceramic sensing element to generate 100 mV/g through a frequency range of 1 to 8000 Hz. Built-in microelectronic signal conditioning offers a low impedance output to permit long distance signal transmission and simplicity of operation. The unit is designed for adhesive mounting and is equipped with a 3-56 threaded electrical connector that offers simple replacement of the supplied 10' coaxial cable.


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