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AC/DC Power Modules Add More Functions

Extending the PFE series ac/dc full-brick power modules, the PFE500F offers additional features including active current sharing and remote on/off. Similar to existing PFE300S, PFE500S, and PFE700S models, the PFE500F models deliver an output power up to 504W. The active current-share feature enables up to six modules to operate in parallel to accommodate higher power requirements and/or redundancy. In addition, the positive logic remote on/off control and inverter-operation-good functions provide greater flexibility in the start-up or shutdown sequencing and diagnostics of the system. An auxiliary output of 10V to 14V at 20 mA is also on board. Models are available with 12V, 28V, and 48V nominal outputs, adjustable over a ±20% range. The 12V PFE500F delivers up to 504W with a maximum base-plate temperature of 85°C while the 28V and 48V models deliver the same output at temperatures up to 100°C. Line and load regulation is 0.4% and efficiency exceeds 83% in all versions. Prices start at $228 each/100. LAMBDA, San Diego, CA. (800) 526-2324.

Company: LAMBDA

Product URL: Click here for more information

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