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AcQ InduCom Does Data Acquisition

AcQ InduCom was showing off a number of products, including its lpDAS data-acquisition system. The lpDAS is a low-power, lightweight system that runs a 400-MHz MP5200 PowerPC processor. The system has 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs. It can connect to other systems using its 3 serial ports, 6 ARINC receivers, a pair of optically isolated CAN interfaces, and a Fast Ethernet interface. The lpDAS uses PCI bus adapters. It’s available in a ruggedized case. Pricing starts at $18,000.

For audio chores, AcQ InduCom is offering its ccPMC481 conduction-cooled audio card. The 33-MHz, 32-bit PMC card has front and rear I/O connected to a Crystal CS4299A CrystalClear SoundFusion audio coded ’97. The board has four audio inputs on the front panel. There is an on-board amplifier. Pricing starts at $650.

PMC cards can find a home on AcQ InduCom’s i4400 board. The 6U VME board has two PMC sites. Connectivity between the PMC sites and the P2 backplane connector is provided. The board includes a VME to PCI bridge so other VME boards have direct access to the PMC cards. Pricing starts at $1900.

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