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ACT/Technico Sports CompactPCI and PMC Disk Storage

ACT/Technico was showing off some interesting storage products at the 2006 Bus and Board show. The first was the RAIDStor single-slot 6U single board computer (see Fig. 1). It includes a pair of hot swappable drives. It’s ideal for systems that can utilize NAS storage using interfaces such as NFS (network file system). The Gbit Ethernet interface allows the board to operate in a PICMG 2.16 or VITA 31.1 environment. It can be part of a high availability system. Pricing starts at $6295. It can be combined with a RAID Expansion kit that couples the board with two more hot swap drives. The pair of boards takes up two 6U slots. The expansion kit including a RAIDStor board starts at $9100.

Not all systems require multiple drives. The ShuttleStor (see Fig. 2) is a single-drive PMC solution. It works in PMC sites on CompactPCI and VME boards or any other platform that has standard PMC sites. The solid-state or rotating 1.8-in. ATA drive is removable. Serial ATA support provides hot swap capability. The board handles parallel-to-serial translation. Pricing starts at $1495.

ACT/Technico’s VITA 31.1. System Chassis (see Fig. 3) lets designers mix VME and CompactPCI boards. These are tied together using Gbit Ethernet with CompactPCI PIGMG 2.16 support and VITA 31.1. Both use the same kind of switch fabric. It could be used with storage boards like the RAIDStor. The system includes triple redundant 400-W power supplies. It can be equipped with Gbit Ethernet switches plus Power PC or Pentium VME single board computers and preconfigured with Linux or VxWorks. Pricing starts at $9995.

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