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A/D Converters Vie For Portable Market

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Claiming to outperform their closest competitors by consuming less power and saving board space, the TC3400 and TC3402 16-bit d/a converters feature an operating current of only 260 µA and a sleep current of 0.75 µA. Both devices offer conversion rates of eight conversions per second with a 16-bit resolution and can be adjusted to deliver 512 conversions per second with a 10-bit resolution. The TC3400 features one differential input and is available in a small, eight-pin SOIC or PDIP. The TC3402 features four fully differential analog inputs with a built-in precision analog multiplexer. Both devices enter sleep mode when not in use. Prices start at $2.58 for the TC3400 and $2.85 for the TC3402, each/1,000.

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