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Adapter Converts 68-Pin PLCCs To PGAs

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This latest Correct-A-Chip adapter enables boards designed for 87C196 PGA and other obsolete 68-pin PGA devices to use PLCC-packaged components without having to rework or redesign the boards. The 68-pin PLCC-to-PGA Correct-A-Chip adapts 68-pin PLCC chips with die flipped (mirror imaged) to the old PGA package. The PLCC chip can be hand soldered or reflow soldered to the top of the adapter using conventional means. The completed assembly can then be soldered onto the pc board or inserted into a standard socket. As an alternative to soldering devices individually, the company offers a complete PLCC-to-adapter mounting service. Correct-A-Chip adapters have a temperature range of -55° C to +105° C. Pins are hardened brass alloy with tin-lead plating. And pricing for the 68-pin PLCC-to-PGA adapters is $38.60 each/100. Lead time is stock to 5 weeks.

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