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Adapter Modules Fit Fine Pitch TSOPs And SSOPs

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AccuSOIC Adapters provide a one-to-one footprint with standard SOICs for adapting newer, smaller fine pitch TSOP and SSOP packages onto pc boards requiring standard pitch SOICs that may be end-of-life. Offered with standard 8, 14, 16, 20, 24 and 28 pins to accommodate components with 0.65 mm lead spacing and 5 mm and 7.6 mm body width, these adapters eliminate the need for motherboard redesigns. The adapters can be soldered onto IC locations with 0.050" lead spacing and 0.150" or 0.300" body width. Featuring a hard copper pellet that is high temperature brazed onto the bottom surface for making the interconnect to the motherboard, the adapters provide a 0.025" standoff from the board surface, providing ease of cleaning and 100% visual inspection of solder joints. A solder standoff version and custom configurations are available. Price starts at $3.

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